The Fédération des Trappeurs Gestionnaires du Québec, with a financial contribution from the Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune, produced 16 information sheets relating the best trapping practices (per species).

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PGAF Manual

The PGAF manual is the basis of the trapping course that is required to obtain the trapper's certificate, which is required to obtain a Quebec resident's trapping licence.

This book of over 400 pages contains a wealth of information on trapping in Quebec, furbearer's biology, trapping techniques for these animals, as well as the preparation and sale of furs.

The PGAF manual is available in French or in English at a cost of $ 60 for FTGQ members and $ 70 for non-members (including applicable taxes). You can order it by making a request at the e-mail address figuring at the bottom of this page.

Here is an overview of the contents of this manual :

Table of contents of the PGAF manual

- Introduction
- Trapping in Quebec
- The Trapper's Ethics
- A complex activity
- Trapping Techniques
- Trapping in Quebec
- Species Biology, Management and Harvesting
- Diseases and Parasites
- Preparation and Marketing of Furs
- Eating Wild Game
- Survival in the Forest and First Aid
- The trapper and Taxation
- Appendices



PIGEC Manual

The PIGEC (french acronym for Canid trapping and management) handbook is a specialised complement of the PGAF course (a course required to obtain the trapper's certificate in the province of Quebec).

This 160 pages book contains many notions related to canid trapping in Quebec, their environments, trapping techniques for these animals as well as preparation and sale of furs.

People living in the province of Quebec can now get the PIGEC handbook in English or in French for a price of $62.50 for the members of the FTGQ and $73 for the non-members (including applicable taxes, postage fees and handling). If you live in the rest of Canada or in the United States of America, it is possible to obtain a copy of this handbook by sending $78 to the following address:

Fédération des Trappeurs Gestionnaires du Québec
1737, rue Champigny Est
Québec (QC) G2G 1A6

It is also possible to order the PIGEC manual via ebay (write PIGEC in the search bar) or by making a request at the e-mail address figuring at the bottom of this page.

Here it is a preview of the topics :

- Introduction
- Ecology and behaviour of canids
- Planning, preparation, material and equipment
- attractants
- Catching canids
- Harvesting and marketing
- Appendixes

  To order one of these publications (PGAF or PIGEC manual), make a request at the following address : ftgq@ftgq.qc.ca. The request must contain the complete address of the customer and the quantity of each manual desired. We will send a PayPal invoice that will inform the customer about the price of the book and the shipping fees (all in Canadian dollars).